Sentry Security Solutions offers CCTV Operatives that are intensively trained in video surveillance, video evidence gathering, communications, security operations, incident investigations and any related laws, procedures, and protocols. Additionally, Sentry Solutions caters CCTV Operators that can be based within the security control room of your business or home. Also, we can provide off-site CCTV Operators that can monitor your CCTV remotely from our 24-hour control center. Also, we offer HD Digital Network IP Cameras that can allow you to monitor the premises and your staff easily and in the most effective way.

Sentry Solutions has a wide range of CCTV video surveillance solutions.  Our CCTV video surveillance offerings are intended to upsurge the level of safety and security for any business environment.  We work hand in hand with our clients in order to recognize their requirements and then help them in selecting the most suitable technology solution to suit their needs, wants, and their budget as well.

In today’s working environment has evolved through different technologies, CCTV today is not only used for security, but is regularly used as a health, safety, and performance management and monitoring tool, especially at isolated sites. Our solutions can be used to improve your organization’s performance helping it become more productive and much more efficient.

With our remote monitoring solutions, you can maintain control over your operations on the ground anywhere and at any time.  Remote monitoring will surely improve your quality controls allowing you to sustain consistent employee performance, customer service and ensure employee and customer health and safety. Work place CCTV can also offer assurance to your customers and your employees by being able to spot or identify burglars and record any incident or event that might occur.

At Sentry Solutions, we comprehend that a CCTV surveillance system is an important element for management and is the most important security control. As technology is evolving at an astonishing pace, Sentry Solutions is well-informed of the latest technologies available in the market and provides reliable, efficient and easy to use systems to suit its client’s needs and wants.

Furthermore, we offer a full line of high definition video surveillance technology that allows you to watch streaming video through your mobile device. This way, you will be able to have full view from anywhere around the globe with remote internet viewing. Also, we offer fixed line-of-site cameras for areas such as entryways and interior spaces, and PTZ cameras that allow remote control for larger sites such as warehouses, parking lots, and construction sites.

The use of surveillance cameras for loss prevention is one of the most effective ways to minimize or even terminate loss at your business or home. Also, such surveillance cameras can prevent and end theft and shoplifting as it causes fear of prosecution to anyone that thinks of committing such crimes.

We also offer the latest Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs) with powerful video analytics software such as facial recognition technology and visitor management solutions. This can allow businesses to identify specific points at which certain events occurred by searching for video by motion, or by time and date. Video surveillance systems are becoming increasingly popular as a tool used by companies and businesses to invalidate false insurance claims. In addition, the video images that are recorded through our surveillance systems are stored offsite or in the cloud using our video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) solution.