What makes Sentry Security Solutions stand out in comparison to competitors? 

Sentry Security Solutions is one of the leading companies that introduces a user-friendly application that delivers a unique customer experience and ensures a secure environment to various stakeholders. 

CCTV Monitoring through mobile

Sentry Security solutions delivers an added feature of a mobile application (Available for our Clients for Free on Android & IOS store)  which allows access for consumers to gain a deeper insight on the services provided. Users will have the ability to monitor installed CCTV in their business/home.

Security Guards

Users will have access to complete profile preview of the security officer placed in their home/business and also be able to find out the availability period of each guard based on the selected locations. Guard profiles will give clients the opportunity to get to know their guard better and choose whoever satisfies their preference. To be exact, guard customization means that clients can personalize the gender of the guard they need and even the outfit they will be wearing.