Sentry Security’s full time or part time MannedGuarding services offer intensely- trained and skilled Security Officers to guard your facilities.

Our Security Officers undertake extremely supervised educational training courses preceding their placement on the field.  Sentry solutions also customizes the guarding services offered. Want your security guard to have a driving license?! Your wish is our command! 

Sentry Security Solution understands that the most vital sector of a company is its Human Resources as they are the brand ambassadors of our company which is why we dedicate ourselves to providing our Security Officers with all the necessary tools to support them into completely and successfully accomplishing their mission and to enable our consumers to achieve the sincerest peace of mind in terms of security. 

We offer a 24-hour operational team consisting of Security Managers, 24-hour patrolling superintendents and a 24-hour security control center to guarantee that all of your security needs are addressed throughout the day and to ensure the application of the highest levels of security measures.

Our uniformed officers are dedicated, specialized and highly trained. 

Our services are custom designed and tailored to meet the needs of each and every client.

Our security officers and patrol vehicles prevent criminal activity of all kinds and also conduct nightly visits to safeguard that building systems are in place, doors are secure, security lights are on and there are no signs of unusual activity.

Guess what? They are also armed with the latest technology including high-tech equipment to keep you protected!

Our guards are available for any location at any given time, including:

Special Events

We offer crowd and parking control, and access control for the perimeter and audiences. We regularly work with local law enforcement forces to help guarantee the societies’ safety. Agents are available 24-hours a day to provide our clients with a cost effective and highly active solution to cater to every security need whatsoever. 

For organizations planning an event, it’s important to exclude all the disturbing elements and incidents.  Our Security Guards can deal with the majority of these undesirable elements. To ensure that an event runs smoothly, security is an absolute must. Sentry Security can provide support, offering optimal security during an event or congress.

The presence of Sentry’s Security will make your event guests and staff feel that they are in good hands. If anything does happen, our  guards are trained to be the first on the scene and based on their training, they know exactly how to respond to the situation at that moment.